Alexandra Rochelt

Head of Marketing & Communication Sparkasse Oberösterreich

Our guiding principle "Proud; to be a strong team" goes beyond the corporate boundaries of Sparkasse Oberösterreich with Paul Liskutin. For over 5 years, Paul Liskutin and his team have accompanied us through many exciting projects, training and development programs. This successful training started with a Leadership Training for sales and - because we were so successful - we also brought Martin Rotter on board in 2017. We have designed and successfully implemented many development programs. For example, our young managers participate in a Leadership Fast Lane, and our executives are in Leadership Labs.

In the very special year 2020, Paul Liskutin also supported us in a very uncomplicated and very professional way with the so-called blended learning formats. What characterizes us is that we are very spontaneous and Paul Liskutin's team always implements this in a blink of an eye. Experience, very high expertise and also a certain ease are the things that characterize Paul Liskutin and his team. This allows them to professionally carry out and implement our ideas.“ We are proud to have Paul Liskutin and Martin Rotter as part of our team and we are looking forward to many more projects and to numerous training and development programs.“

Marion Windisch

Head of Personnel Development Frequentis AG

When working with Liskutin & Partner, I especially appreciate the openness to new problems, to showing interest in our situation and in the specific needs of Frequentis. And also their high flexibility. We always experience many changes – whether it concerns our participants or the appointments – Liskutin & Partner is always very open and flexible. Last, but not least: the high reliability! I think we can always count on one another to create a very good product. I just consider that a very high added value and very nice to work with.

Markus Grund

Shareholder Atikon Holding GmbH

Ever since 2006 we have been working with Paul Liskutin and he was – and still is – a significant element in the positive development of our company – Atikon GmbH. We are the specialist for tax consultant marketing in AT + DE with approximately 85 employees. 4 very different shareholders, who were all operationally active, had to be brought under one hat at that time. This was not always an easy task, but Paul accompanied us in regular meetings and soon we could already see our successful development.

For me personally, it is very important to be accompanied by coaches on an ongoing basis as an entrepreneur, as external reflection contributes greatly to success. THANK YOU Paul, for your highly professional support and I look forward to even more and succesful years together.

Markus Hirsch

CEO Hirsch Dynamics

Why we work with Mr. Liskutin and his team? I can only say that we have been working with him for several years now and we really enjoy holding consultations and having seminars together with his team. Our in-house team – our employees and me – really benefits from this consultation and from Liskutin‘s service. „I can say that I, as a manager, have experienced a significant improvement of quality and a progression of my management skills. Also, the colleagues have started to be more sensitive in the team and find it much easier to work together.

I would like to personally thank Mr. Liskutin and his team for the long cooperation and also for upcoming projects, seminars and workshops. Keep it up! See you soon. Thank you!

Ruth Schachinger

Deputy Managing Director Otto Schachinger GmbH

"The experiences with you as a coach always end with the same emotion, and that is deep gratitude. I took over the family business in 2013. The word "family business" separately are already two highly complex structures. The challenges are exorbitant and resemble a high-flying track. One of your gifts is to pick people up when they see themselves only in a dead end and I belong to those who were lucky enough to be picked up by you.

Paul Liskutin‘s precise questions made me aware of the connections or rather the interrelationships and thereby helped me gain a lot of clarity about myself and my associated acting. For me the joint coachings were processes of awareness, teaching and development progress. Based on this, you have shown me how I can solve problems calmly and, above all, sustainably. For me, the joint coachings were processes of awareness, teaching and development progress.

Through your empathic and patient manner, one is sent on an exciting journey of insight and not infrequently, when consciously solving a problem, it is rounded off with a liberating laugh. This also reflects the fun I have with you during the coaching sessions. Over the years, I have always realized how important it is to work with you. Because over time, new challenges keep developing and for me personally, you are the perfect coach because you trigger reflections with the right questions and thus support me to work out my solutions alone or with you."